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Social Networking Site Initiatives

Creating individual profiles, groups and pages on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace to provide users with the opportunity to continually engage with your campaign's messages and other supporters.

Keys for Success:
  • Facebook
    • Sponsors who have the budget and/or internal resources to maintain the page and promote applications to fans once paid social media program has ended
    • Regular content updates, providing a reason for fans to interact with the cause (videos/photos/links to articles)
    • Applications must be useful and well-tailored to the platform and message because they may be expensive
  • Twitter
    • Sponsors who have the budget and/or internal resources to maintain the Twitter profile once paid social media program has ended
    • Regular tweets (videos/photos/links to articles)
    • "Tweetable campaign messages" 
    • Securing a celebrity/influencer host for a Twitter party 
  • YouTube
    • Videos tagged for YouTube search
    • Use of the overlay function to layer the call to action over the video
    • Allowing discussion to flourish in the comments section (unless stream contains rude/inappropriate comments) 
    • Use of video sharing tools to link within social media platforms
    • Reaching out to influencers and "YouTube stars"
    • Encouraging partners to embed your videos
    • Posting bulletins
  • MySpace
    • Sponsors who have the budget and/or internal resources to maintain the page once paid social media program has ended
    • Adding new content (videos/photos/info.)
    • Soliciting user-generated content
    • Customized to match look and feel of campaign site greater freedom to customize pages is one of MySpace's strengths
    • Showing campaign partners as top friends
Average Cost: $3,500-$5,000 profile management and development per month; $40,000-$60,000 creating of profile with one year of management

  • Wildfire Prevention Smokey Bear's Facebook channel (www.facebook.com/smokeybear) is one of the Ad Council's most popular communities on Facebook with nearly 40,000 "likes".
  • Buzzed Driving The Buzzed Driving campaign has hosted 3 Twitter parties in advance of holidays that are typically accompanied by high rates of deaths involving alcohol-impaired drivers, such as July 4th and the winter holidays. These events reached approximately 5.6 million people.
  • Fatherhood-The "Cheerleader" PSA was posted on the Ad Council's YouTube channel in June 2008, at the same time a one month social media program kicked off, heavily promoting the PSA via YouTube. Additionally in late 2008, Whoopi Goldberg referenced the PSAs on "The View." In response, viewers embraced the PSA and independently created their own versions of the PSA and posted them to YouTube. In addition, fans of the PSA created their own Facebook page for the PSA named "The cheerleading dad on the "Father Involvement" commercial = LOL." To date the PSA has more than 757,000 views online.

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