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Localized Bites and B-Roll Feed (BBR)

BBRs offer reporters and producers all the tools they need to develop a complete story.  As such, BBRs have the potential to reach a large audience. The success of this tactic however, is contingent upon the story having a true news hook.  We have seen great success with BBRs detailing the launch of a new Ad Council campaign (i.e.,Lead Poisoning Prevention) or a launch of new creative for an already existing campaign when combined with the release of a recent study or survey results (i.e.,Hunger Prevention). Additionally, significant milestones like Smokey Bear's 65th Birthday or timeliness like holiday weekends when drunk driving is at its peak have generated significant coverage. 
All BBRs should include issue experts and real life stories that the reporter can use in developing the segment. Without a doubt, the availability of local statistics and opportunities to interview local experts associated with the issue or campaign will pique a reporter's interest in using the BBR and developing the story. That is perhaps the single most important factor in differentiating the success of a Home Front BBR over others produced by its competitors.  Local reporters, like Public Service Directors, are attracted to stories that impact their communities.  Providing them with access to statistics and experts that can localize the issue for their audience is critical.

Coverage resulting from the BBR can run anywhere from 40 seconds to 2 minutes and is most likely, though not exclusively, aired during afternoon and evening newscasts.  

Click here for tips on how to prepare for a BBR taping (PDF file).

Average Cost: $35,000

Spanish Bites & B-Roll Feed (BBR)

A Spanish language BBR involves processes and benefits similar to those of ageneral audience-targeted BBR. The BBR will be distributed to 32 Spanish-language stations and to national Spanish language networks (Univision and Telemundo Miami & D.C. Bureaus), as well as independents.

Average Cost: $25,000
When field shoots are combined with English production: $20,000

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