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Media Tours

While the traditional bites and B-roll feeds offer maximum cost efficiency for feature stories, some stories are equally appropriate for Satellite and Radio Media Tours. While any of these outreach tactics can be used alone, it is becoming increasingly popular to combine these programs to maximize exposure and penetrate into different markets and parts of the program day. Combining tactics also offers significant price reductions.

Satellite Media Tour

A Satellite Media Tour (SMT) allows for direct interviews (2-5 minutes) between a spokesperson and a local newsroom. These tours typically last between 1-3 hours, and are particularly successful for stories that are more feature-oriented or where the hard news is slightly less evident.

SMTs are geared toward the morning news/entertainment format program found in most media markets. Producers of these media markets are interested in both informing and entertaining their audience with lighter fare appropriate for an audience that might have one eye on the TV while at the same time thinking about getting ready for work or getting the kids off to school. Hard news is not necessary to get this producer's attention. Good solid news or "news you can use," will. These programs also rely on live reports from the field or via satellite more frequently as they have a lot of time to fill each morning, which makes them ideal for live booking.

A celebrity (or well-known expert) is ideal for SMTs as stations are always interested in offering a familiar face to their viewers. Bottom line, if the campaign launch does not include hard news, this is an ideal format because the bar is slightly lower. In other words, soft re-launches are good candidates for this tactic as a standalone.

Average Cost:

Two hours: $20,500
Three hours: $27,000
A Spanish SMT can be conducted for the same costs.

Radio Media Tour

Pre-arranged interviews with local radio stations that air live or live-to-tape.

A Radio Media Tour (RMT) is similar to a satellite media tour, but offers greater scheduling flexibility.  Local radio stations are offered the opportunity to interview a subject in either a live or live to tape format.  The subject is connected by phone from any location home, office, hotel room, etc.  If combined with an SMT, the RMT can occur simultaneously for added convenience.  RMTs, like SMTs, are booked by the hour.  The actual interviews can occur in one time block or over a period of several days if more convenient for the spokesperson and to generate additional bookings.

RMTs fall somewhere between the BBR and SMT because of the wide variety of radio formats available to target.  This tactic can be employed for either a hard or soft news story and can help to increase exposure in a market to an audience that perhaps doesn't watch as much TV.  Additionally, it may help to reach an audience a second time.  This is also an effective tactic when working with a smaller budget.

Average Cost:

Two hours: $6,000
Three hours: $9,000
A Spanish RMT can be conducted for the same costs.

Listen to Examples:

BBBS - Miami

BBBS - New York, WBNR

BBBS - Sacramento, KFBK

Blog Tour

Offers bloggers and online media one-on-one interviews with campaign spokesperson. Average interviews booked: 12-16 over the course of four hours.

Average Cost: $15,000 $18,000 

Deskside Media Tour

Coordinate in-person interviews with the sponsor (or campaign spokesperson) and reporters in broadcast, print and/or online media to be held at reporters' offices. Desksides are also referred to as a "one-on-one" or "meet and greets." Costs include time for pitching reporters, travel and other logistics. 

Average Cost: $5,000

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